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The main roles in a web development team structure & tips to rock it

Just like an architect creates blueprints for bridges, a skilled solutions architect determines what information architecture web-based products should have. The range of solution architect’s responsibilities in the web team includes site architecture diagrams after conducting the systemization of content. They also can create wireframes, charts, and diagrams for clients and developers to understand the website’s or web platform’s architecture and navigation. Nevertheless, not all web development companies employ solution architects and include them in the web designer team. In such cases, the responsibilities of this web designer role can be carried out by the UX designer/architect.

web development team roles and responsibilities

They’re the web dev team’s version of a graphic designer, but in this case, the goal is to design the website’s look using images, logos, color schemes, animation, fonts,  and more. They’re the ones who actually build websites, so there’s no dev team without them. These specialists work with text and create written content corresponding to your brand voice. They collaborate with SEO specialists to optimize their writing for search engines like Google. Content specialists are hired to fill the website with written information, create a content strategy, and write blog posts. This specialist will turn those colorful pictures with product’s design into a full-featured website.

Quality Assurance Engineer

This is the process of creating beautiful and efficient visual design components to control the interactions between the user and the website through various functional web elements. This includes the look and feels components of the website, such as the cards, call to action, accordion, and more. Developers give shape to the project by using their coding skills and tech knowledge. To keep a cohesion in the team, they work closely with other team members such as- testers, QA team, designers. Because practically all software works with significant volumes of data, database administration is vital.

  • A team leader is a person with adequate leadership quality who understands the team more than anyone else.
  • I have worked with many web companies and one thing that I found common in al of those was there support system.
  • So, if you have a question or want to make some changes to the project — that’s the person you should address to.
  • By exploring and understanding the roles of a web team individually, the strengths and weaknesses can be capitalized and developed on.
  • This way, you’ll be able to address arising issues as well as communicate with your team more effectively throughout the entire process.
  • The client chose Cleveroad as an experienced web development company to jump-start a project with.

The discipline itself is an ever-changing one, with dynamic trends affecting user behaviors on websites. Therefore, they’ll need to be knowledgeable in interpreting analytics, such as bounce rate and what triggers them. The visualized wireframe of the website serves as technical guidance for developers and also helps you to understand the overall architecture of the website.

What is the role of a UX/UI designer in a web development team?

So if you’re going to set goals, you should sit down with management to discuss the company’s business needs and the client’s expectations. Cross-functionality is built on the premise that you find team members who share the same skill sets. In other words, the team has everything required to complete a project without asking for support.

In others, they go to freelance web developer sites to find individual freelancers or choose to turn to outsourcing companies for obtaining a ready-made dedicated software development team. Without a doubt, it makes sense to invest in employing a qualified web development team right from the start. What are the possible roles and responsibilities in the web development team? With the rise of many online businesses in recent years, the web development procedure has also evolved to work hand to hand with clients.

What Makes a Great Web Development Team?

A UX/UI designer’s job is to develop an intuitive and aesthetically pleasing interface for a website or application. To make sure the design is implemented properly, they interact with developers, conduct user research, and produce wireframes and prototypes. Every front-end developer should be able to communicate well and collaborate with back-end developers and designers. All these team roles are needed in your web development team, whether you’re a startup or an established business. UX/UI designers collapse two different skills (UX and UI design) into one and specialize in creating engaging interfaces for users. They’re web developers who can work as back-end and front-end developers.

web development team roles and responsibilities

He/she starts all the processing after choosing the right technology stack for web development. The site editor has overall responsibility for the written content and editorial quality of the finished site. He or she creates the editorial tone for the web site, determines style guidelines, and works with clients and content domain experts to collect, organize, and deliver finished text to the production team. In smaller teams the editor creates site copy, interviews domain experts to create content, and may be responsible for creating news and feature material for the site. This technical aspect of content formatting is particularly important in sites where the content is ultimately delivered through a cms, in xml, or from dynamic links to a content database.

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