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11 Things You, A Man, Should Not Write In A Dating App Bio

The simple call to action “Drop a message” in her email inbox is a casual invitation to learn more about her services. Whether you’re the author of a novel or a mid-level specialist, use the next few lines of your bio to describe what you do in that position. Don’t assume your audience will naturally know what your job title entails. It can be tough to write about yourself, so try to see yourself from the perspective of your favorite person at work or a mentor you trust. This can help you write from a position of authority without feeling self-conscious.

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I like to enjoy my life without being tied down to anything. If you feel the same way about dating, send me a message. Consider other people’s dating profiles and bios for ideas.

There’s nothing more perfect than ‘Being yourself’. Presenting yourself as you are, honestly and clearly is the best way to introduce yourself on any dating site. Here on dating sites to search for my soulmate. If I seem to be a good fit for you, hit me up. However, that shouldn’t be a problem, since I only do it around people I actually like.

D. Leading Question Profiles

Photos – use good photos (not blurry, red eyes, out of focus or too far away). Have at least one photo where I could see your face close enough to recognise you. If you have to do a bathroom selfie ensure your bathroom is clean and toilet is closed. If I ever go back on Match (highly doubtful) I will probably just write about what my perfect weekend is like. I used to say all the things I do and it’s total bullshit. I’m lucky if I’d have time to do each one of those things once a month.

With this one, you’re bound to attract plenty of comic books and Sheldon fans. Most people on dating apps are looking for original and unique answers. If your prompt responses don’t reveal your thoughts or preferences, you won’t have much luck on the platform. Hinge provides over 80+ different prompts so you can choose the best ones to express your personality. You don’t want to scare your potential matches with negative or suicidal thoughts. If you don’t have anything humorous to say, be simple with your answers.

You want the person seeing your profile not just to be attracted to you but also to have a three-dimensional idea of your life and how they’d fit in it. She added that women with advanced degrees are often viewed as more focused on their careers than family. These findings regarding age and attractiveness are consistent with earlier research by the online dating services OKCupid and Zoosk.

F. Identification Profiles

The key is to be original and not copy answers from other users. Avoid making any comments that hurt the racial, socio-economic, or political views of others. Hinge is not a place to hold a political debate. If you come off as sarcastic, dark, and masculine in your bio but you come off as a “nice guy” in your photos — then you have a problem. As mentioned, the best bios get women to message you first. Men receive over 4x as many matches from women when they provide a bio.

This also means that you can include both face shots and full-body shots. What each individual guy wants in a woman can vary widely. However, some basic guidelines apply to most men.

It doesn’t take much to turn her off as she’s scanning profiles, and sounding negative, judgmental, or whiny is an almost sure fire way to do it. The profile example above illustrates what happens when you get it wrong. That’s one visually daunting block of text right there, and chances are not many people are going to attempt it – especially not on a phone screen. It also makes your profile easy to skim, which is important because people tend to multitask when it comes to browsing profiles, just like you probably do. If your profile can drag her attention away from Netflix, you’ve won the first battle.

I grew up int eh area and just couldn’t leave what has come to be my favorite place in the world. (My 14-year-old self would have never believed this.) I try to balance family, work, and time for myself and enjoy all three. I’m hoping to meet someone looking for something a bit more serious. Lately my hobbies include weightlifting and tinkering with music . To add, your profile must always be more positive than it is negative.

It allows you to list a variety of different personality traits or things you love in life so people can make a solid judgment on your profile. The purpose of a Tinder bio is to give potential matches an idea of who you are and what kind of relationship you are looking for. It should be concise and honest and convey your personality in a way that will draw people in.