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Possess a house from inside the Colombo and you may 10 acres Coconut Kurunegala

Possess a house from inside the Colombo and you may 10 acres Coconut Kurunegala

Govi,?Buddhist,?elite parents search a kind-hearted young buck,?Doc,?Professional or University Lecturer for their daughter,?30,?MBBS Doc due getting overseas learning United kingdom in two decades go out,?narrow,?5’3” has a modern-day family and you may an automible. If at all possible Siawasa or Visa Nekatha.B196749

G/?B mothers Colombo find a partner which have sober activities as much as 50 preferably doctor /?Engineer for only single daughter 1977,?most lovely young looking scholar earning 100,?000/?-. 2?4?2?8?c?o?l?o?m?b?o??g?m?a?i?l?.?c?o?m?B196739

G/?B moms and dads off Colombo area search a highly-mannered young man due to their daughter. Created in the 1990/?09 knowledgeable when you look at the a respected college or university when you look at the Colombo with MBA qualified & well-operating. Delight label: 0112822674 /?071-8673132.B196825

G/?B top-notch moms and dads from Colombo seek NS/?TT partner because of their slim stunning child MBBS Bodies Doctor 1994 December born,?level 5’7”,?Old Visakhian. Aunt an effective Dily information and you may horoscope. p?r?o?p?1?9?9?4?.?1?2??y?a?h?o?o?.?c?o?m?Call: 0112833393.

G/?B recognized knowledgeable moms and dads regarding Colombo /?Dubai find good young man for their child 26 yrs 5’4” fair. This woman is MBBS Doc in the British. We search a great 26-31 years of age well-knowledgeable young buck that have sober models with the same records. Reply with horoscope and you will family details. (Ours Shani/?Kethu seventh House) to: a?y?p?r?o?p?o?s?a?l?2?0?2?2??g?m?a?i?l?.?c?o?m?B194930

G/?B reputable family out-of Usa aims a professionally qualified young buck whom lives in the us or Canada having sober designs because of their well educated,?kind-hearted,?fair,?religious daughter. She is 33 age,?5’1”,?holds an MBA,?and you will well-employed in her specialization in america. Respond that have friends facts and you will horoscope of the email merely,?to help you yards?a?r?r?i?a?g?e?p?r?o?p?1?2?1?0??g?m?a?i?l?.?c?o?m?B196798

Moor nearest and dearest tries due to their child inside the later thirties single,?really reasonable,?slim,?finance scholar School off Colombo,?licensed Chartered Accountant,?licensed MBA in management keeps a leading position looking for a beneficial accredited spouse. To another country proposals as well as greet. Divorcees noticed in place of encumbrances. Tel: 0117450993 /?0755717741. (h?a?s?s?a?n?a?l?a?v?i?6?8??g?m?a?i?l?.?c?o?m?).B196871

Mom aims academically accredited kind hearted son less than 40 years,?to possess B/?K,?well-mannered,?kind-hearted,?slim,?pretty and you will fair child. Born 1987 April,?peak 5’4”. Knowledge manager out-of a respected overseas university already involved in an effective Private Markets drawing a good looking monthly paycheck or any other experts. Caste and you will religion immaterial. Please respond that have loved ones information and you can horoscope so you can a good?k?h?f?d?o??g?m?a?i?l?.?c?o?m?B196930

Muslim Moor family is seeking an expertly certified and you will really employed bridegroom getting child created in April 1991 top 5’5” reasonable & good looking,?Bachelor’s Degree away from University out of Toronto,?financial job for the Canada. Currently in the Sri Lanka. Twin resident. Email – n?o?o?r?j?a?z?1?9?6?3??g?m?a?i?l?.?c?o?m?B196685

Muslim moms and dads regarding Colombo presently surviving in Center-Eastern and now have permanent house during the Colombo,?trying a professionally accredited,?spiritual,?caring and you may really-mannered young yhden Australian naiset avioliittoon man due to their 24 fair appearing and you can knowledgeable child. She’s elite fully certified possesses the brand new credential to help you move to an american country. Delight send your data in order to yards?a?r?r?i?a?g?e?p?r?o?p?o?s?a?l?c?m?b??g?m?a?i?l?.?c?o?m?B196721

Muslim moms and dads looking for academically and professionally licensed thirty-two years daughter an experienced bridegroom ranging from 33 – 37 age off a reputable Muslim loved ones. Respond k?d?n?a?z?2?0?2?3??g?m?a?i?l?.?c?o?mB196813

Nawala B/?G respectable elite moms and dads search an informed son,?a low-smoker and you can an effective teetotaller from the same records because of their daughter 1997 created,?top 5’5”,?fair,?top Colombo girls’ college or university knowledgeable a qualified Professional exactly who graduated away from a respected personal school within the Sri Lanka and already the woman is pursuing the an MBA while you are working as a professional inside a respected They business for the Sri Lanka. Email : s?l?m?a?r?r?i?a?g?e?p?r?o?p?o?s?a?l?s?1?2?3??g?m?a?i?l?.?c?o?m?B197067

Negombo Govi,?Remote-controlled moms and dads find an academically and you may expertly accredited individual or Providers Proprietor for their academically and you may expertly certified child born in 1997 and you may 5’3” high,?zero spiritual tastes. Pls. respond with complete family details. Email : p?r?o?p?o?s?a?l?9?7?2?1??g?m?a?i?l?.?c?o?m?076-1695656.B196919


Parents Kandy,?B/?G shopping for good son in-marriage for their better-experienced child,?Research Professor Govt. college or university,?many years thirty two yrs,?peak 5′,?merely child,?please react with nearest and dearest details and you may horoscope. r?m?k?c??g?m?a?i?l?.?c?o?m?B196788

She inherits a substantial dowry,?as well as a house within the Colombo 5

Mothers residing in Canada look for the best virtuous employed Sri Lankan for their 1989 produced peak 5′ child located in British Colombia in Canada. She actually is forever working just like the a nursing assistant truth be told there. c?h?a?n?d?r?a?n?i?c?g??y?a?h?o?o?.?c?o?m?B196854

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